30 минут практики, чтобы улучшить ваш английский

Давайте попрактикуемся в разговорной речи сегодня!
Фразы под видео. 
Запишите те, которые понравились и используйте их. 
Говорите сами с собой, если пока не с кем :)


Don’t mention it I’m going on vacation. Would you like to have some coffee? I was just thinking about giving you a call. Step up your game What a coincidence! It’s like flooding outside! To burn a bridge Could you tell me where the shopping mall is? A perfect storm Out of sorts Chicken out I was never the same after that winter. Cut to the chase I manage artists and graphic designers. I think I disagree. There’s a great movie playing downtown. My mother was not well at that time. This year we are having a staycation. I feel much more confident. Do you enjoy going on dates? What do you think of . . . ? With age comes wisdom Speak one way and act another
Nice to bump into you! Speak of the devil. Catching up with someone What makes you tick? I need to make a move. A new one for me.

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