Английский для детей и начинающих. Математика.

Подготовка к экзамену по математике  - диалог на английском

John: I don’t understand…
Kevin: John, what’s wrong?
John: I’m studying for a math exam. And I keep getting the wrong answers. It is this problem. 
Kevin: Hmm. The answer is 12, right?
John: See? I got the same answer, but the answer sheet says it’s 16…
Kevin: What? The answer sheet must be incorrect! We are correct!
Anne: How’s your studying for the exam going?
John: Anne! Come here! Can you solve this problem?
Anne: What is it? It’s 16, isn’t it?
Kevin: What? No way!
John: You are right! The answer is16! How did you solve it?
Anne: Before you solve this problem, look at this!
Kevin: Hey, I can solve this one! Are you looking down on us?
Anne: What do you think the answer is?
Kevin&John: 8! 
Anne: Nope! That’s wrong! The answer is 6.
Kevin: No way!
Anne: The arithmetic operation tells you to calculate multiplication and division first, and then calculate addition and subtraction.
John: Oh, so first you do 2 times 2 and it's 4. And when you add 2, it’s 6!
Anne: That’s right! Good job! Now, try to solve this problem.
John: Oh, you are right, I have to calculate multiplication first! Thanks, Anne!
Anne: No problem.
Kevin: Anne, I cannot get the area of this shape. Also, I don't understand what a fraction is. And…
John: Oh, no, Kevin. The exam covers all of those.
Kevin: Mathematics is too hard. 
John: Alright, let’s play one basketball game for a quick break. Just one game!
Kevin: I agree! That’s a great idea!
Anne: Oh, John, Kevin…

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