Black Friday

This holiday called Black Friday

Aimee: OK, so hey Todd, so I have a question. I've noticed recently in the U.K. that this holiday called Black Friday has appeared, and this is a new thing for us. I don't really know why it has appeared. I think it is American. Shops just give super discounts in November and people are going crazy for like TVs and stuff. Do you have experience with this?

Todd: Yeah, unfortunately, I think it is one of our worst exports. Like I am not a fan of Black Friday. We've had it now probably for like ten or twenty years. I can't remember but it started where the department stores would have these massive sales on Friday which is the day after Thanksgiving, which is always on a Thursday in November.

Aimee: Ah, that's the connection. OK, after Thanksgiving.

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Фразы из видео:
I love this sweater on you. – Мне нравится на Вас этот свитер.
It really compliments you. – Он Вам очень к лицу.

Английский в аэропорту

Примеры диалогов в аэропорту

Паспортный контроль

На вопрос  "Откуда вы летите", надо назвать аэропорт, из которого вы прилетели, если летите с пересадками! Например, я лечу из Москвы с пересадкой в Атланте.  Называю Атланту.

Hello! May I see your passport, please? 

Sure! Here you are!

Where are you coming from?

I'm coming from Moscow, Russia    

What 's the purpose of your visit?

I'm here on holiday vacation.

How long are you planning to stay?

Видео на английском - Baby Driver

Видео на английском с переводом

Очень симпатичное видео, папа и дочка

So, you sit good? Your mirrors are adjusted, you can see everything ok

Stay of the three ways Alright? I don't want you'r going out on those yet. Leave your phone in your purse/ I don't want you (я не поняла)....

Daddy! Ok!!!

Ok! Here we go! Be careful!

Thanks! Dad!

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