Английский в простых диалогах. Для детей и начинающих

Если вы будете усердно тренироваться, повторяя эти простые фразы, ваш английский скоро улучшится! Удачи!

Anne: Welcome to my house! Roy: Anne, you have a nice garden! The flowers and trees are so beautiful! Anne: Thank you. My family planted them last spring. Let’s go inside! John: Oh, this is the living room! Anne: Yes, my family usually watches TV and talks in here. John: What about your room? Where is it? Anne: Here! Come in. John: Oh, it looks so much neater than I thought. Roy: So, I guess you sleep and study here? Anne: That’s right. Why don't you take a look around? Roy: Are these the only books you have? Anne: Nope. There is a study room on the opposite side of this room. Roy: Wow! Can I see it? Anne: Sure thing! Follow me. John: I’m hungry, Anne. Do you have something to eat? Anne: Of course! My mom made some cupcakes. Let’s go to the kitchen! John: Yay! Hooray! John: Oh, Anne, where’s the bathroom? Anne: It’s right next to my room. John: Okay, gotcha!

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