Английский для путешествий

Разговор в отеле


L: i want to make reservation for 203 room, is this room available right now?
A: yes. What time do you want to check in?
L: that is great. 2:30 pm please.
A: ok, unfortunately you have to go up this room by stair because the hotel' elevator is renovating now.
L: it is no matter.
A: when you come back here at 2:30 pm. Feel free to Contact me to take the key of your room.
L: ah A, i do not want to bother you but, if i want to stay here extra night, what should i do?
A: yes, during stay here you just come the receptionist table and tell what you want.
L: thank you for your help. Have a good day of work A.

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