Глаголы и предлоги

Сочетания глаголов с предлогами

Узнайте, как правильно использовать предлоги о, на, к, в, для, от, из, на и с глаголами после. В этом видео вы найдете множество примеров, которые помогут вам освоить их использование.

Verbs with Prepositions
Learn how to use correctly the prepositions about, on, to, in, for, from, of, at and with after verbs. You have plenty of examples in this video, which will help you learn their use.

- I know I can always count on (rely on) you two to be creative. - Since I believe in the power of teamwork. - Thank you for trusting us with this client. - I was excited to participate in this project at first. - But I’m afraid we might not have succeeded in (manage) working well together. - I can’t speak to (talk about) how much time Doug spent on this project. - But I have fully committed myself to it (dedicated myself). - Let me see what you both came up with (produce). - We may need to make some changes to it to adapt to (to work properly with) this new client’s perspective. - Did you help with this, Doug? - As soon as I glanced at the logo (give a quick look), I knew what changes needed to be made. - I talked to Mira and told her how to improve it. - She took my advice and it resulted in that logo. - You have no right to boast about (speak proudly of) the logo! - I worked hard on it (spend time producing), and then I had to deal with your criticism. - Let me explain to you both what teamwork and cooperation mean. - Because I think you’re confusing them with competition. - I can sympathize with (understand her) Mira about not wanting to be criticized. - I want to hear about what you both did. - But I also want you to talk about something positive the other person did. - This is what I came up with. - I know we might need to add to it (improve). - Since she doesn’t specialize in (be trained in) copywriting, I didn’t listen to her. - I want to apologize for not taking your comment seriously. - I want to apologize to you for being so critical. - We can work on (spend time improving something) it together and see if it leads to (result in) us creating a better one. - We can forget about (disregard) our argument and move on. - I want to congratulate you on working together. - When you work together, you need to understand where the other person is coming from (someone’s ideas, intentions or feelings). - I encourage you to get better acquainted with (familiar) each other. - Figure out how you can borrow from each other. - The success of this project depends on solid teamwork.

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