50 повседневных выражений

50 Important English Expressions for daily conversation

Эти идиомы используются довольно часто в повседневной речи, поэтому важно знать их для понимания разговорного языка. 

HOMEWORK: Make a sentence using one of these phrases! Let me know in the comments


50 EXPRESSIONS 👈 1_YOU ROCK = you are great 2_CALM BEFORE THE STORM = a quiet period before chaos 3_UNDER THE WEATHER = feeling sick 4_WHEN IT RAINS, IT POURS = bad things happen at the same time 5_RAIN OR SHINE = To do something in any weather 6_EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING =something good in every bad situation 7_GO WITH THE FLOW= go along with whatever happens 8_DOWN TO EARTH = practical ,human relatable 9_TIP OF THE ICEBERG= small part of something bigger usually negative 10_NIP SOMETHING IN THE BUD= stop bad situation from becoming worse by talking quick action 11_ BEAT AROUND THE BUSH= speak indirectly without getting to the main point 12_THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS= an ideal situation 13_GET WIND OF SOMETHING= hear new about something secret 14_PLAIN AS DAY= obvious to see 15_ UP IN THE AIR= no definite plans 16_ CALL IT A DAY= stop what you're doing 17_ GO COLD TURKEY =suddenly quit a bad habit 18_GO ON A WILD GOOSE CHASE= to do something pointless 19_CRYING WOLF= To lie many times so no one believes you 20_ BRING HOME THE BACON= to make money to support our family 21_TWO PEAS IN A PAD= Two people who are perfect pair 22_ BUTTER ME UP= To flatter someone in order to get something 23_SPILL THE BEANS = to tall a secret 24_TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT = don't believe seriously 25_ SPICE THINGS UP= To make something more interesting 26_LOSE YOUR TOUCH = Stop having ability or a talent for something 27_ RULE OF THUMB= a general rule or guideline 28_BY THE SKIN OF MY TEETH= to just barely make it 29_GET SOMETHING OFF YOUR CHEST= to talk about something that is bothering you 30_put your foot in your mouth= say something you shouldn't have said 31_BITE THE BULLET= stop waiting and something difficult 32_ GET OUT OF HAND= get out of hand 33_WRAP YOUR HEAD AROUND SOMETHING = understand something complicated 34_TO PLAY SOMETHING BY EAR=to not make definite plans 35_A BLESSING IN DISGUISE= something good seemed bad at fist 36_BREAK THE BANK= To be really expensive 37_GIVE YOU A RUN FOR YOUR MONEY= to be a challenge 38_UP THE ANTE= to do or request more than before 39_CUT SMOEONE SOME SLACK= to not judge too harshly 40_🥶🥶🥶 41_ PLAY DEVIL,S ADVOCATE=to argue the opposite opinion for the purpose of debate 42_RINGS A BELL= sound familiar but you don't why 43_GO THE EXTRA MILE=to make more effort 44_MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT (OR) CUT THE CHASE= tell a long story briefly 45_JUMP ON A BANDWAGON= to fallow a trend to be like everyone else 46_ON THE BALL=very prepared for something 47_24/7=all time constantly 48_EASIER SAID THAN DONE=Not as easy as it seems 49_BETTER LATE THAN NEVER= Arriving late is better than not coming at all 50_SO FAR SO GOOD= things are going well so far

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