Что такое слова- омофоны?

Знакомимся с омофонами и учимся их различать с помощью контекста

1. Die - dye I dyed my hair My hair died! 2. Band - banned Your band is now banned from this pub! Get out! 3. Stair - stare He tripped on a stair and fell down 7 steps. He turned his head to stare at me. 4. Berry - bury We buried the money in the backyard. This berry is good to eat. 5. Wine - whine Would you like some wine? Stop whining! 6. Waist - waste She has a small waist. It’s a waste of time. 7. Gorilla - guerrilla Are there still some gorillas/guerrillas in Congo? 8. Fairy - ferry I sat there for a long, long time, feeling like a fairy on a rosy cloud. You can get there by ferry. 9. Board - bored I told the board of Education that I was bored of education. 10. Dear - deer Oh dear! Look! It’s a deer! 11. Mail - male All my mail goes to my old address. Is that dog male or female? 12. Flour - flower How much flour do I need? He brought me a flower 13. Pair - pear What a nice pair of shoes! Would you like a pair?

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