Мой обычный день

Что я делаю каждый день

Слушайте, повторяйте за диктором, а потом расскажите о своем дне, как вы его проводите. Удачи  в освоении английского!

I usually wake up at seven o’clock, except on Sundays when I like to sleep in. The first thing I do after getting up is have a shower. After my shower I get dressed and have breakfast. I normally have milk and cereal with a cup of coffee. When I have finished breakfast, I always clean my teeth. Most days, I leave the house at 7.45 and walk to the subway station, which is two minutes from my flat. I usually take the subway because it’s quicker, but sometimes I catch the bus. From nine to five I work in an office. If I’m busy, I have a sandwich at my desk for lunch, otherwise I go to the nearby coffee shop with a colleague. After sitting in front of a computer screen for most of the day, I need to get some exercise, so after work I always go the gym. In the evening I like to relax by listening to some music with a glass of wine. I rarely go out during the week, but on Saturdays I often go to the movies with my girlfriend. I usually go to bed at 10.30, but if I’m tired, I go to bed earlier. One thing I never do is drink coffee in the evening. It stops me from sleeping!

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