Кто хочет переписываться с носителем языка?

Есть такая возможность. Мне пришло сообщение из моей группы для иностранцев, изучающих русский язык. Сразу говорю, что я не знаю этого парня. Он пишет, что любит Россию, хочет общаться с русскими. 
Я даю вам его страницу в Facebook/ Если захотите общаться, напишите ему, что узнали о Milla Hale. 
На всякий случай напоминаю, что в Интернете попадаются мошенники. Надо ли их бояться? Думаю, что нет. Нужно просто понимать, как только кто-то начинает просит деньги, это конец общению. Я не хочу никого обижать, но предупредить считаю нужным.
И еще. Парень пишет, что любит Россию. Если вы хотите его разубедить, то не надо стараться  в этом преуспеть, есть такое свойство у нас, русских, к сожалению.  Используйте переписку в своих целях, рассказывайте о себе, какие-то смешные истории, расскажите о том месте, где живете.  

Вот его страница https://www.facebook.com/corey.burrell1?fref=nf
А вот его письмо. Прочитайте внимательно! 

Hello my name is Corey Burrell. I am the one that asked for your email address a long time ago on YouTube under the name railroad engineer. I am 20 years old deaf with a hearing aid and a cochlear implant from New Hampshire. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to write to you, I just got tied up on a couple of things.

I know you don't know me, but you see throughout most of my life I have always been bullied and picked because of my hearing disability sadly and I never really had any friends at all in my life. It seems like society doesn't respect me because of my hearing disability and race has always been a constant issue for me. I've been bullied all my life and it doesn't see to end for me even though I am now 20 years old. I really don't like being deaf. Girls in this country in my view are always so selfish, whenever I would ask a girl out they would always reject me because of my hearing disability and they would say this to my face. It's so tough being deaf and biracial.

I did once have a friend that didn't last long sadly. Her name was Katya. We met on a group of similar interests, we've new friends on Facebook for three years but we've never had any long conversations until last year when she saw how distressed I was on Facebook. Then until November of last year we became really good friends. We had a lot in common. She would tell me a lot about her Russian culture and how she immigrated from Moscow to Pennsylvania. I was amazed! She really inspired me a lot! Then she started accusing me of stuff that weren't true and started saying not so nice things about me. Stuff that typical people from Russia wouldn't say. So I had to block her, because she was bullying me. It seems like apt of people from Russia are so easily radicalized by American culture sadly and don't stay true to their own, I think this is one of a few cases with Katya.

But she inspired me to talk to other people from Russia and learn about it's culture and society. Doing that I have come to love Russia so much and I have talked to a lot of people from there and they have treated me so much better than Americans has ever treated me. Both guys and girls. They have such a different mentality that I love. They treat me like a real human being and has treated me with so much respect. The women here are so much better raised then Americans. It's my dream to have a girlfriend and many friends that's Russian. I just love how Russians society is structured and how they think. No Russian has ever treated me badly unless they became radicalized by American culture. I am looking very hard for Russia friends here in America and near me. I have looked everywhere and I don't know what else to do. I wish you could help me out.

All I can do is say this again. I am deeply in love with Russia. It's society, culture, mentality, and everything else. It's my dream to be surrounded by Russian friends who care about me. I proudly wave a Russian flag behind my bed, I have a Podstakannik, a book on Russia, tea, a sweatshirt, and a jacket. I love Russia that much. I really would like your help. I hope you understand my story and where I am coming from. I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards,
Corey Burrell

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