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История от Jo, сестры моего мужа

… Had as children games we made ourselves. And one of the games that we played indoors was darts and we made our own little darts we made from match sticks with the match head cut off. Then we would put a needle in one end so that when you threw it at the dart board it would stick. And one night they were playing darts, I wasn’t playing with them, and it just so happened that the dart board was behind me and I didn’t know it, and I came into the room just as Gerald was throwing a dart, and it caught me just inside the blue of my pupil and I pulled it out and mother had a fit, she thought
I was going to be blinded. And I remember it was almost bedtime, everybody was still up though, and mother kinda hesitated when I was ready to go to bed and she kept coming in during the night to check on it to see if it was all right, and it healed perfectly all by itself, and I’ve had no problems ever, it was my left eye and I have had no problems ever. What a shock it must have been to my mom especially cause she was afraid that it would you know blow.

God was truly with me, he truly was, because just a hair over to the left would have put it right in the pupil. So that I guess has been the most exciting thing that has happened to me when I was growing up.

Another time I remember, we as children, I was of course the oldest, mom and dad were working in the field and we children were around the house. We had chickens, and I had a pet chicken that came to me that I fed from my hand. Anyway the children were running around and somehow or other, Mary I believe stepped on a hoe that was turned up by the side of the house and cut her foot and it was bleeding and when mom and daddy got home, of course I took care of it as best I knew how, I was washing it and putting a bandaid on it I suppose, but when mother and daddy got home they heard a squealing, you know the little ones were running and chasing chickens, and they heard us and they came to the house and I think everyone got a spanking for chasing the chickens and then for Marty running into the hoe and getting her foot cut.

I don’t remember too many other things except in the summer time we had neighbors who came up to the house, they lived nearby, and we would have ice cream suppers, did Bryant tell you about some of those? We would play hide and seek after dark and that was a lot of fun. And then my first date was when I was sixteen and I dated the older guy from the family and we went to a movie. I thought he was kinda cool. He could drive and none of the other us could drive. He had the car, it was a brand new car by the way, and he took me to Oxford to the movie and that was my first date, that was kind of neat.

And then there was my friend that I met at the University when I was working at the church. His name was Jim Han and he was a very handsome man from Blue Mountain Mississippi. We dated for about two years and then he moved back home. He lived in the dorm but then he moved back home at the end of his second year there and I’ve never seen him again. But he was a really sweet fellow, he was German but really really sweet guy. Then Bud came home, Bud who was away during that time, I dated Jim the whole time Bud was away, Bud told me to go ahead and resume my natural life, my normal life, and when he came home he said if you are still interested I would like to for us to talk about getting married, and I said okay, so during the two years he was away Jim and I dated but we were never serious, we were just really good friends and when Bud came home then he was ready to put a ring on my finger and we got engaged from there. Another year we got married. So those are the highlights, I guess, of my young life prior to twenty one.

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